Monday, September 23, 2013


Analogy - The cognitive process of applying information and associations from one subject to another.

Metaphor - Using the attributes of one subject to illuminate or expand upon the character of another, unrelated subject.

Target - The subject to which attributes are ascribed.

Source - The subject from which the attributes are borrowed.

Ground - The similarities between target and source.

Tension - The dissimilarities between target and source.

Conceit - An extended metaphor with multiple levels of comparison.

Monday, September 9, 2013



Visual Metaphor Research
List five verbal metaphors from music, literature, or film. For each metaphor, identify the target, source, ground, tension, and what aesthetic, emotional, or conceptual effect the metaphor lends to the statement that a simple recitation of the facts would not convey.

Collect 10 visual metaphors. The following artists are a good place to start, but draw no more than 5 metaphors from their web pages.  Look through a variety of sources, including The Society of Illustrator's Annuals, Communication Arts, newspapers, and contemporary magazines.

                Christoph Niemann (
                Thomas Fuchs (
                Wesley Bedrosian (
                Stephen Savage (

For each metaphor, identify the target, source, ground, tension, and what the metaphor lends to the statement that a literal depiction would not convey. Additionally, identify whether the metaphor uses juxtaposition (placement side by side), fusion (combining images), or replacement (image implies missing image) to relate the target and the source.

Metaphor research is due, posted on your blog 9/30

Spot Metaphors
Create 8 spot illustrations, each with an intended print size of about 3x3" (vignettes are fine), but executed at twice that size. The illustrations are two-color, so you have black, white and a color of your choice to work with. The subject of the spots is to be taken from Group A. The metaphorical device used to communicate that subject is to be selected from Group B. You can only use a given device once.

A                                                                                             B
The divine                                                                             a shadow
Isolation                                                                                 only animals
Love                                                                                       landscape/ cityscape
Revolution                                                                            an interior
Leadership                                                                            only hands
Fear                                                                                        only a still-life
Greed                                                                                     a sequence
Aging                                                                                    juxtaposition

In class on 10/7:
Spot Metaphor thumbs are due.

In class on 10/21:
Spot Metaphor final illustrations are due, posted on the blog and presented for critique.  Post metaphors to blog along with bullet points from critique.

Blogs checked on 10/28.